Company Carpool Carpooling Service for Companies & Organizations


Increase employee's productivity and morale

Employees who carpool have less commute-related stress, develop synergies and loyalty toward your company.


Environmental responsible company

Less moving vehicles means less Co2 emissions. A tangible help to the environment that will boost your brand image.

Why is it different?

Route Buffer

Better results

Traditional carpooling services calculate matches near the home location and employee defined waypoints. Our system finds matches along the whole route.


Respect for privacy

Privacy of employees is respected by approximating home location on the map and hiding home address. E-mail and work address are the only disclosed information.

Company Carpool

Shared platform

By sharing employees' routes among all the companies using our service, chances of forming carpools highly increase. A big advantage over closed platforms.

How it works

Set up daily route

1. Set up daily route

Fill in start address, work address and working time.

Set up daily route

2. Look up matches

Email address and an optional phone number allow employees to contact each other.

Free Trial

Discontinued Product :(
Although we've discontinued this product, we're always here to help.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by opening an issue on GitHub at icare, the Open Source version of Company Carpool

We appreciate your support and feedback!